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Chain of Pearls

A manga consisting of a 9 chapter story with 3 side stories. Shinju no Kusari (Chain of Pearls) The beautiful, genuine pearls we lust after belong in a chain... because that is how they bind our hearts. Hisa, the newest manager of her high school's soccer club, has a secret: a part-time job. If anyone knew, she would either have to quit the job she needs to survive or the sport that she loves. Sakyou, one of the team's most talented and anti-social members, finds out about Hisa's secret... so it's a good thing for Hisa that the handsome and high-handed Sakyou wants to keep her close to him! Or is it? (There is an additional one-shot of this story in Vol. 1 of LoveSupreme Principle) A "Girlfriend" with Substance (scanlated as The Fruit Called Grapefruit) Minami Kanan's debut work. Sachi was so determined to become Takanori's girlfriend that there was no way he could say "no." Literally, no way. She's the girlfriend he was forced to have, and he treats her as such. They go out together, but it seems obvious that Takanori hates every moment of it. When Sachi finally has enough of his unaffected attitude, will it make Takanori happy to be alone again? Unconditional Love Formula Tachibana Kouya is a whiz kid, while Ayumi barely passed the entrance exams. They're at opposite ends of the spectrum, but Ayumi is determined to win Kouya's love by having him tutor her -- then, when she passes the physics exam, she's going to confess. Why would Kouya want to tutor such a poor student, though? Ayumi's love rival discovers that Ayumi had to bribe Kouya to do it, and so she feels no remorse when she ruthlessly foils our heroine's efforts to succeed in physics and love...! The Rumored Natori-kun High school freshman Ai just found out that the stranger she fell in love with at first sight is the notorious Natori-kun, who goes to her school and is rumored to ditch every girl he agrees to date. That doesn't discourage Ai, though, because he's been nothing but nice to her so far. What will it take to become Natori's girlfriend, or is Ai doomed to become just another rumor?

Chapter name Scanlator Uploader Date added
Chain of Pearls Chapter 5.1: Vol 01Side Story: The Fruit called Grapefruit Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 5: Vol 01 Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 4.2: Vol 02Side Story: The Rumored Natori-kun Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 4.1: Vol 02Side Story: Unconditional Love Method Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 4: Vol 02 Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 3: Vol 02 Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 2: Vol 02 Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 1.2: Vol 01 Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 1.1: Vol 01 Nov 11, 2018
Chain of Pearls Chapter 1 Feb 29, 2012
Chain of Pearls

Alternative name(s)

พันธนาการรัก (Thai)
Mujyouken Love Shiyou
Unconditional Love Formula
The Way of Unconditional Love
The Rumored Natori-kun
Chain of Pearls
A Girlfriend with Substance





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Shoujo, Romance, Drama, Sports, Smut


Japanese Manga



En Chain of Pearls
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